If you’re after the freshest food, and you should be, you’ll love to pick up the produce for your next meal at our farmers’ markets, U-pick orchards, and roadside stands. We farm wheat and rye, apples and blueberries, the world renowned potatoes – and so much more.

Whether you visit the Summerside Farmers’ Market with its stone walls and lines of stalls or just a simple roadside stand up west, you’ll find the freshest produce, beef, pork, eggs, and poultry on the Island – perfect for a homemade meal! And don’t forget our seafood markets around the region if you’re looking for our world-renowned oysters or our famous lobsters. You can buy them right off the wharf and chat with our fishers about sea life!

The experience of visiting one of our many markets is much more than just experiencing our local food – it’s experiencing Island life!

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