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Sip N’ Slurp | Valley Pearl Oysters

Howdy folks! Ready for a hootin’ good time? Step right up to the 3rd Annual Sip N’ Slurp, where the spirit of a classic kitchen party meets the sophistication of a gourmet tasting event. Nestled outside the renowned Valley Pearl Oysters, this roving event promises an evening of sipping, slurping, and savoring the best of what Tyne Valley has to offer. Local breweries, cider producers, and oyster processors will be showcasing their finest, ready to impress with their craft and passion. As you indulge in the freshest oysters and the most tantalizing brews, let the melodies of our talented musicians set the mood. They’ll be strummin’ and pickin’ away, ensuring the atmosphere is just right for a relaxed, joyous evening. So, if you’re looking for a blend of rustic charm, gourmet delights, and foot-tapping music, Sip N’ Slurp is the place to be. And hey, if you’re thinking of making a night of it, we’ve got local accommodation packages lined up with select operators in the Tyne Valley area. Don’t miss out on this celebration of community, flavor, and good ol’ fun!

Menu Options:

  • Fresh Mussels
  • Succulent Beef
  • Tender Pork
  • Local Craft Beer
  • Expertly Curated Wine Pairings

Event Characteristics:

  • Outdoor Setting
  • Standing Event
  • Self-Serve Stations
  • Age Limit: 19+
  • Drink Included
  • Live Music Entertainment
  • Experience Focused
  • Walkable Venue
  • Transportation Options Available

Sat, Oct 7

4:00 PM

Valley Pearl Oysters
1323 Port Hill Station Rd, Tyne Valley

$85 / person

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