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Prince County Exhibition

Discover the magic of a century-old tradition as the town of Alberton, PEI, gets ready to host the 95th Prince Co. Exhibition. A vibrant week-long event, filled with mirth and merry, is coming your way from July 27-29th, 2023.

Get ready to dive into an exciting mix of both modern and traditional fun! One of the main highlights is our grand parade, where you’ll witness spectacular floats, local marching bands, and a colorful display of community spirit. The annual parade is always a spectacle not to be missed, so get your spot early!

Carnival enthusiasts are in for a treat! Hincheys Rides and Amusements return with a dazzling array of classic carnival rides, from the nostalgic Round-Up! to gravity-defying thrill rides.

The Prince Co. Exhibition proudly promotes our local talent with the Singing Competition. Cheer for your favorite singers as they hit the high notes and captivate the crowd with their captivating performances.

Equine lovers will be entranced by our horse events. Experience the majestic power of our horse pulling competition and other equestrian activities. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the grace and beauty of these magnificent animals.

Animal lovers of all ages can meet a diverse range of farmyard friends at the Exhibition. From clucking chickens to quacking ducks and other cute critters, there’s an animal for everyone to fall in love with.

Our baking and jam contests are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Local bakers and jam makers will be competing to see who has the most delicious creations. Who will win this year’s golden spoon?

Join us for the 95th Prince Co. Exhibition and take part in a historic event, filled with laughter, excitement, and community spirit. We look forward to welcoming you to this cherished tradition in beautiful Alberton, PEI.

Thu, Jul 27 - Sat, Jul 29

Jacques Cartier Memorial Arena
349 Church St, Alberton

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