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Ghost Hunt & Sleepover | West Point Lighthouse

Step into the ethereal world of the supernatural with Haunted Rooms America as they delve into the mysterious tales and unsolved enigmas of the West Point Lighthouse, a pinnacle of paranormal intrigue nestled on the stunning shores of Prince Edward Island. This is no ordinary lighthouse visit, for as the sun sets, the veil between the living and the spirit world becomes thin. Be prepared for an immersive experience in the spectral world, as you embrace the eerie and engage with the otherworldly. This is your chance to possibly encounter “Lighthouse Willie,” the famous apparition known for his ghostly presence, and to tune your ears to the whispers of mysterious voices echoing through the historic lighthouse tower.

This unique, nerve-tingling event is more than just a ghostly encounter – it’s an intimate brush with the rich tapestry of Prince Edward Island’s past. As the night creeps in, the lighthouse and its spectral inhabitants stand as testament to centuries of seafaring tales and unsolved mysteries, ready to be explored by those bold enough. Feel your heart race as you undertake a lone vigil, attuning your senses to the unseen. This is your opportunity to connect with history and mystery in one spine-chilling experience, making it a truly unforgettable addition to your summer itinerary. Join us for this chilling night and make your stay on the island one for the books. Dare to look beyond the ordinary, and discover the extraordinary at the West Point Lighthouse with Haunted Rooms America.

(Two tickets are required to book each room) – some rooms can sleep 4-5 guests. All rooms have double beds (Queens/ Kings). 

18 and over only!

Sat, Sep 30

8:00 PM – 10:00 AM

West Point Lighthouse
364 Cedar Dunes Park Rd, O'Leary


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