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Annual Strawberry Social | Bideford Parsonage Museum

Step back in time at the Bideford Parsonage Museum! Treat your senses with a harmonious blend of live music, captivating games, and an array of delightful treats. Our star attraction, the traditional strawberry shortcake, served with the creamy goodness of ADL ice cream, will be sure to steal your heart. But that’s not all – don’t forget to savor our unique rhubarb cordial. With each sip, be transported to simpler, sweeter times. Don’t miss out on this enchanting day of entertainment and flavours, we can’t wait to welcome you!

Contact Us:
P: 902-831-3133
E: hello@bidefordparsonagemuseum.com

Sun, Jul 23

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Bideford Parsonage Museum
784 Bideford Road, Rte 166, North Cape Coastal Drive, Ellerslie-Bideford

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