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Alberton Day Street Market

Exploring Alberton? Looking for that unique, immersive local experience? Alberton Day Street Market is a can’t-miss event on your itinerary!

What Awaits You?

  1. Hand-Crafted Goods: Meander through stalls showcasing intricate crafts and artisan treasures, a testament to Alberton’s rich creative spirit. Find unique keepsakes to remind you of your time here.
  2. Fresh & Flavorful: Indulge your senses with the freshest produce sourced directly from local farms. From juicy fruits to organic veggies, every bite tells a story of Alberton’s fertile lands.
  3. Engage & Interact: Engage with our diverse community of vendors, each bringing their own flavor and tale to the street market. Learn the stories behind their crafts, their journey, and their passion.
  4. A Living Canvas: Church Street itself is a spectacle. With its vibrant aura and cultural significance, it sets the perfect backdrop for a day of discovery and connection.

Thinking of Setting Up a Stall? Whether you’re a local craftsperson, an artisan passing through, or someone with unique goods to share, join us! Application and details available on the Chamber Website: www.westprincechamber.com

✨ Church Street awaits your footprints and stories. Join us in celebrating the best of Alberton! ✨

Sat, Sep 9

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Church Street
Church St, Alberton

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